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“God’s Love Bank has really changed my life forever.” Mikki Taylor, Essence Magazine Editor-in-Chief


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Meet Dr. Tony Roach

Dr. Roach is also the CEO and founder of  God’s Love Bank Enterprises.  His story of going from a “Dropout to a Doctor” is not only  inspirational, but was the beginning of God’s Love Bank.

In his Doctoral studies, he built his thesis on, A Biblical Model For Building New Self-Love In African American Males And Fathers, Dr. Roach soon observed toxic behaviors he between estranged father/son relationships.  Even more, his research showed  destructive behavior existed not only in father/son relationships, but in all broken relationships.  He saw that Satan was destroying lives without people even knowing.  Thus, God’s Love Bank was born.

Dr. Roach earned  a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Social Science from Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio [Psychology, Sociology and Economics], a Master’s of Science in Ministry and Evangelism from Abilene Christian University in Abilene, Texas, and a Doctor of Divinity degree in Marriage and Family also from Abilene Christian University.

Although he has earned several degrees, according to Dr. Roach, the training he received in the Sound Doctrine training program under Dr. J.S. Winston was the best training of his life.  Roach even served many years as the chairman of the John Steve Winston Sound Doctrine Scholarship Foundation, a non-profit scholarship program designed to raise funds for committed young ministers striving to get a Sound Doctrine Christian education.

Dr. Roach is the proud father of six children.  He and his and wife Candyce established the Minda St. Church of Christ in Abilene, Texas in 1979. From the time the Minda St. Congregation was started until presently, over twelve hundred members have been baptized, thousands restored, and countless other souls from all over the world strengthened.

According to Dr. Roach, God’s purpose for his life is to “help people strengthen their single most relationship with God by realizing they are threefold spiritual beings, putting off their old self-love and putting on new self-love, so they can ultimately discover and fulfill God’s purpose in their life.”

"I just got tired of seeing people living in such destruction and mess...

I knew it was time to develop something that could give help all men and women no longer suffer.

It was time to no longer allow Satan to rob us of our happiness.

It was time to give hope.